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Goran Milić and young chefs from the Culinary Academy prepare for the festivities.

Fund Raising Event at the Hotel Regent, Porto Montenegro!

Young Musicians receive special recognition from the Santa Barbara - Kotor Sister City Committee for their auditions to the Music Academy of the West 2017 Fellow's Program.

Aleksander Raos, Pianist

Santa Barbara sends Congratulations to Kotor's New Mayor!

Goran Milić meets with
Mayor Vladimir Jokić

Vladimir Jokić, a twenty-nine year old graduate lawyer, was elected president of the Kotor Municipality on February 21, 2017.  He is the youngest president of the municipality in the modern history of the city.

In attendance were Montenegro's young water polo team who just returned from competition as World Junior Gold Medalists.

Welcome!  We're glad you're here - highlights of 2017 . . . 

Concert Pianist, Ratimir Martinović, performs for the crowd.

Andrija Mamutović, Pianist

In September 2017 Ratimir Martinović and Goran Milić, with the support of the the Santa Barbara - Kotor Sister City Committee and the Municipality of Kotor, hosted a fund raising concert to benefit the Goran Milić Culinary Academy and KotorArt Musicians.  Over 11,000EU was raised from public companies, private companies and individual donors.

Nikola Ćirić, Solo Horn

Ratimir Martinović

​Performs at the Regent

Kotor, Montenegro
Santa Barbara's Sister City

Santa Barbara's Sister City
Kotor, Montenegro