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Santa Barbara delegation attends Fund Raising Event!

While in Kotor the Santa Barbara delegation attended a Fund Raising Event in support of the Goran Milić Culinary Academy.  The event was a first for Kotor and rated a great success!  Over $10,000 was raised to continue the work of the culinary academy and to further the education of the young chefs.

Santa Barbara Delegation meets with Kotor Mayor Aleksandar Stjepčević.​

Goran Milić and George Lilly present a special recognition award to Mr. Boro Kašćelan (back left) - Director of the Resource Center for Education and Rehabilitation for persons with hearing and speech impairments.  Mr. Kašćelan was instrumental in the implementation and success of the Culinary Academy.  Young chefs (in the background) share their stories of employment and are recognized for their participation and graduation from the Goran Milić Culinary Academy located at the Resource Center in Kotor, Montenegro.

Delegation attends Fundraising Event in Kotor for the Goran Milić Culinary Academy.

In August 2016 Santa Barbara's Mayor Helene Schneider, along with a delegation from Santa Barbara, traveled to Montenegro to meet with Kotor's new Mayor, Aleksandar Stjepčević.

The visit promoted continued good-will and cultural exchanges between Santa Barbara and Kotor and focused on the success of the Goran Milić Culinary Academy in Kotor.

Kotor's Mayor Aleksandar Stjepčević meets Santa Barbara's Mayor Helene Schneider.

Santa Barbara Delegation Visits Kotor!

Welcome!  We're glad you're here!

Santa Barbara Delegation Visits Kotor!

Special Recognition Award to Mr. Boro Kašćelan!

(left to right): Goran Milić - founder of the Goran Milić Culinary Academy, Boro Kašćelan - Director of the Resource Center, Deanne Scott - Santa Barbara delegation member, Mayor Helene Schneider, Mayor Alexsandar Stjepčević, and delegation members Barbara Neary, Denise Lilly and George Lilly.

Kotor, Montenegro
Santa Barbara's Sister City

Santa Barbara's Sister City
Kotor, Montenegro