Santa Barbara's Sister City
Kotor, Montenegro

Summer 2018 Goran Milić Culinary Academy Young Chefs!

Young chefs prepare a luncheon for guests arriving aboard the
Silver Whisper sailing vessel.

Young chefs prepare for a reception for the KotorArt Festival.

Violinist Sara Bashore performs in the KotorArt International Music Festival August 2018!

Violinist Sara Bashore
performs in Kotor.

Santa Barbara Premier Water Polo Club
​ U18 Team travels to Kotor June 2018!

Welcome!  We're glad you're here!

UCSB graduate violinist Sara Bashore was selected to perform at the KotorArt Music Festival in Kotor, Montenegro as part of the Santa Barbara - Kotor Sister City program.  Ms. Bashore, representing both the city of Santa Barbara and UC Santa Barbara, performed with other young European musicians. 

Highlights of 2018 . . . 

Culinary Academy Chefs in Action.

Santa Barbara Premier
​Water Polo Club 
in Kotor.

Kotor, Montenegro
Santa Barbara's Sister City

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